The four old parts replaced after repairing the car must be taken away. They are also valuable if they are broken

NetEase Dongying Station reported on April 29 that the car owners who have bought the car will find it easier to buy the car, but it is more difficult to maintain the car in the later period. Just like the car maintenance and repair costs a lot of money, no matter how good the quality of our car is, it will break down, so we often go to the 4S store or garage to maintain the car and replace the old parts, However, most car owners only care about whether the car can run normally after maintenance, but they rarely care about the replaced car parts. You may not know that the replaced four old parts must be taken away when the car is repaired. The old driver and broken parts are also valuable.

First, the three-way catalytic converter, which is installed in the rear row of the car, is the most important external engine purification device of the whole car, so it is essential. Moreover, it can determine whether a car is a national fifth or a national sixth. Generally speaking, the three-way catalytic converter cannot be broken, and its service life is also very long. If it is really bad, it can only be attributed to bad luck. A new three-way catalytic converter needs about thousands of pieces, Do you feel very distressed, but we should know that even if this thing is broken, it is also very valuable. If it is replaced by an old one, it can be worth 100-300 yuan even if it is damaged, which is still very good.

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